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Hawaii Security and Safety Experts for Uncertain Times

Pax Bello Security Solutions Hawaii, LLC understands how a regulatory compliant, high-performing, agile, cost-effective, and right-sized security and safety-related programs are essential to support your organization's business objectives.  That is why we have a multi-disciplinary team and various consulting services to help organizations with any type of project at any stage. 

Pax Bello Security Solutions Hawaii, LLC will help you achieve your desired short or long-term business objectives.


A proper assessment will help organizations operate with confidence knowing that the regulatory gaps, risks, threats, and challenges have been identified, corrective action plans developed, and the organization can prove the right steps and experts have been consulted to begin moving in the right direction.

  • Security Risk Assessments
  • General Business Security Assessments
  • Threat Assessments
  • Workplace Violence Assessments
  • Structural Penetration Assessments
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Focused Assessments
  • Hazard Vulnerability Assessments
  • Annual Required Security Assessment (healthcare)
  • Security Sensitive Areas Assessment (healthcare)
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Planning is a challenging endeavor, and often a thought partner is helpful! We can support every facet of planning for any security or safety-related project.  We help with establishing the scope, business objectives, technical requirements, and development of a framework or approach based on regulatory mandates, best practices, industry standards, and in consideration of your organization's business objectives, governance, and operations.

  • "Soft-Target Hardening" Planning
  • Security Master Planning
  • Security Policies, Procedures and Processes Development and Enhancement
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Plans
  • Threat Assessment and Mitigation Plans
  • Security Planning for Business
  • Emergency Operation Plans
  • Active Shooter/Active Assailant Prevention and Response Plans
  • Security Event Planning for Concerts, Sporting Events, Conferences and Exhibitions
  • Executive Protection Planning
  • Nightclub/Bar Security Planning
  • Residential Programs Security
  • Proprietary Security Program Planning
  • Security Program Transition Planning - Proprietary to Contract and  Contract to Proprietary
  • Fire Response Plans
  • Organization and Business Safety Plans
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Organizations are faced with the need to install, upgrade, or enhance technology more than ever for improved organizational performance or risk mitigation in security and safety.  It is challenging to identify what is needed without understanding the spectrum of systems, technical capabilities, and how to apply them in the environment to mitigate the desired risks or improve performance. 

We are here to help!

  • Security System and Technology Design
  • Design and Planning for Access Control and Video Surveillance
  • Physical Security Design Components, Lighting, Barriers, Intrusion, and Panic Alarms, and System and Mass Communications
  • Healthcare Specialty, Infant Abduction Alarms and Nurse Call Systems
  • New Technology Evaluation, Systems Sustainability and Upgrades
  • Design and Planning for New Building Construction and Renovation
  • Evaluation of Proposals and Quotes
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We are not done yet.  After the assessment, planning, and design work, we help you implement, test, or review work at every stage of your project.  Also, we have special programs that we can support with developing and implementing that are essential to a security and safety program.

  • Alcohol Compliance Program Development
  • Law Enforcement Liaison
  • Security Contracts and RFP Solicitation Process
  • Outsourced Security Management
  • Security Program Reviews, Contract and Proprietary
  • Courtroom Testimony Preparation
  • Program Support
  • Compliance Support with COVID-19 Compliance Officers (CCO)
  • Witness Advocate and Support
  • Evaluation and Performance Competencies
  • Implementation of Incident Management Systems
  • State of Hawaii, Principal Guard and Agency Licensing Process
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Training is our specialty. We provide a variety of training services listed below related to compliance; State-mandated certification, security professionals, or industry-recognized training to address public health crises, such as Violence, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health. We can create customized training for your business or organization to focus on your security team or your employees with appropriate curriculum development and lesson plans.

  • Retreat/Safe Room Planning and Exercises
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Management of Aggressive Behavior Training, De-escalation and Defensive Protective Tactics
  • Certified State of Hawaii Act 208 Security Licensing Trainer
  • Workplace Violence Training
  • Active Shooter and Active Assailant Training
  • Workplace Safety-Basic OSHA Knowledge Training
  • Security Leadership Training w/HR Component
  • Incident Report Writing Training
  • Responsible Alcohol Service Training for Security and Employees for a Licensed Premise
  • Civil Liability for Security Training
  • Use of Force Training
  • Drug Diversion in Healthcare Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Retail Loss Prevention Training
  • Witness Statement Preparation
  • Effective Customer Service Engagement
  • Firearms Safety Training (NRA and IALEFI Certified)
  • Firearms Qualification Preparation
  • Electric Conducted Weapons Training and Certification (Tasers  and Stun Guns)
  • Consultation and Training for Armed Security Force
  • COVID-19 Safety Awareness
  • Handcuff Application Training
  • Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Training
  • Fire watch, Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Use of Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Security Officer Protection from Disengage to Take down Training
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We have hired Ed Howard of Pax Bello Security Solutions Hawaii, LLC to assist our company with revamping all of our Security Operations Policies & Procedures and provide expert Specialized Security Training for our management team and our Protection Specialists working in the field. Because of Ed's incredible wealth of security knowledge, experience, and professional hands-on approach, he and his company have helped us perform at a higher level. Ed has provided great feedback and interaction, particularly with our company training that will eventually end up as our standard training for years to come.

Joy Hodel
General Manager
KT Protection Services

Pax Bello Security Solutions Hawaii, LLC is a professional consulting, training and education firm specializing in providing expert services for the Hawaii security industry.

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