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Taser Training in Hawaii

From 5/1/2022:

Stun Guns and Tasers are now legal in Hawaii

Chapter 134-81 HRS, Part V. Electric Guns

Hawaii Taser Law 2022

Beginning 2022 Hawaii State law allows for law abiding citizens and security personnel to have a new protective option of owning, possessing, purchasing and using tasers and stun guns.
Taser Stun Gun Hawaii

Learn How to Use a Taser or Stun Gun in Hawaii

Pax Bello Security Solutions Hawaii’s training course will cover all legal mandates, and more regarding the process of ownership, proper use, care, storage, disposal, and most importantly SAFETY for the use of your Taser or Stun Gun.

Taser Training Topics

  • Hawaii Laws Governing Electric Guns: Sale, Possession, Ownership, Transfer, Storage, and Disposal
  • General Laws Governing Self-Defense and the Defense of Others
  • General Laws Governing Protection of Property
  • Post Self-Defense, Defense of Others and Protection of Property: Articulation and Reporting
  • Psychological and Strategic Considerations of Use of Force
  • Defensive Positioning and Reaction for Protection
  • Taser or Stun Gun Nomenclature, Use, Safety, and Effects
  • Taser or Stun Gun Student Practical (live) Exercise Demonstrating Articulation for the Protective Use and Safety
  • Loading and Unloading of Cartridges, Optimal Aiming, Deployment, and Post Deployment Safety, Responsibilities and Accountability Considerations


Taser and Stun Gun Training takes place at the Pax Bello Security Solutions Hawaii Training Center in Nanakuli, Oahu, Hawaii.
We offer a clean, safe, open-air environment that centers around protective learning and safety, from the beginner to the more experienced.
Training Center
87-501 Kaukama Road
Nanakuli, Hawaii 96792
Taser Training Hawaii

Onsite classroom instruction for the civilian taser and stun gun training course provided by a certified taser instructor.

Buy Taser in Hawaii

Course participants will be able to view and handle various taser and stun gun devices allowed in Hawaii.

Stun Gun Training in Hawaii

Taser and Stun Gun Classes are arranged in a spacious training environment that provides enough safe space for classroom and practical exercises.

Taser Display Table

Course participants will be able to learn about several different models of Stun Guns and Tasers.

Taser Devices

Stun Guns and Taser Devices will be available for hands-on experience.

Taser Training Area

Taser and Stun Gun Practical Training Area.

Taser Course Binder

Taser and Stun Gun Course participants will receive comprehensive study material and a certificate.

Typical class takes about 6 hours and the cost is $145 per person.

If you are interested in taking the Taser or Stun Gun Hawaii Training, please email us at

Questions about Taser and Stun Gun Training

What is the difference between a taser and a stun gun?
Tasers and stun guns are different types of weapons. A taser will incapacitate a person, while a stun gun is a pain compliance device and will not totally incapacitate a person when in the act of self-defense.
Who are your typical students that attend your taser and stun gun classes?
Our students come from different backgrounds and occupations that represent your average responsible and law-abiding private citizen. They want this legal option for protection for their own self-defense, the defense of their families and their properties. Some of our students work in the law enforcement and security industries as well.
Do I need to have an electric conducted weapon (taser/stun gun) before signing up for the training?
No, you are not required to have one for the training class.
Are students required to be "tased" or "stunned" during a training class?
No. Private citizens taking the certification course will not be exposed to any taser or stun gun during the training. Student "Voluntary Exposure" is NOT required to pass the course.
Are the new State of Hawaii Electric Gun laws covered in the certification course?
Yes. HRS, 134-81 begins the new Electric Gun laws for the State of Hawaii and will be reviewed in detail.
Is there an exam required to pass the course?
Yes, a certification examination is given and each student must achieve a passing score in order to be certified.
Is a training certificate issued after receiving the training?
Yes, two training certificates covering our training modules #1 & #2 will be issued upon completion of the full training certification course. You must complete both modules of training to be certified by our firm.
Do you sell tasers, stun guns and associated accessories?
We received our Electric Gun dealer's business license on 3-29-22 from the City and County of Honolulu, Department of Customer Services and can lawfully sell, distribute and transfer tasers and stun guns. We have our license displayed for your review at our training center location.


Criminal History Background Review Declaration

Please download, sign, and turn in this document prior to purchase of an electric gun from Pax Bello Security Solutions Hawaii. 

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